There are many reasons to join IDAK. When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes that are transforming our world, by helping to shape the future of Interior Design. IDAK provides the tools and resources to help get you there, by advancing your career and enriching your knowledge with life-long learning resources.

IDAK Professional and Student members enjoy these benefits:

  • Inclusion in the IDAK Digital and Online Membership Directory
  • Membership Number and card identifies you as a Current IDAK member who accepts the Code of Ethics.
  • Provide clients with knowledge they are working with a well informed and educated Interior Designer
  • Regional and local education programs with some offering continuous educational units.
  • IDAK partners and holds educational tours available to exclusively its members and their guests.
  • IDAK partners, sponsors and supports various national and international seminars, conferences, Expos and other forums with knowledge they are working with a well informed and educated Interior Designer
  • Knowledge sharing and Networking achieved through events (general meetings, activities, educational
    seminars and special events) organized for members.
  • The Association acts as a forum where members discuss and agree on issues that affect the interior design industry.
  • IDAK has a National, Regional and international Subscriptions giving members opportunity to be part of
    the international Built Environment community.
  • Unlimited Access to Members only IDAK Website area
  • Established e- newsletter, Hot topics, articles on latest trends, newest products and tips on improving
    your business
  • Participation in the Membership surveys and access to results
  • Access to the latest product available- at a discounted prices
  • Discount on design publications
  • The Association Members subscribe to Code of Conduct which the industry uses for self regulation. Through the Code, IDAK highlights the best practices in Interior design for responsible use and implementation of sustainable development practice for the industry.
Legislative Representation
  • IDAK is championing a legislation to regulate the practice of interior design in Kenya. Members are
    continually informed on the progress made towards the legislative process .participate in IDAK committees,
    vote, nominated and hold office
  • IDAK protects your interests by monitoring legislations, policies and regulations that affects the right of
    practice in interior design in Kenya ad region.
  • IDAK helps members follow developments on issues of management and policy guidelines in the built environment.

Welcome to IDAK

IDAK offers two membership categories; Professional membership and Student membership.
Professional membership registration fee is Ksh 4,000 (Ksh 1,000 subscription and Ksh 3,000 annual fee.
Stundent membership registration fee is Ksh 2000 (Ksh 1,000 subscription and 1000 annual fee)