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The Interior Design Association of Kenya (IDAK) is the leading professional organization dedicated to advancing the field of interior design in Kenya. Established with a vision to promote excellence, innovation, and collaboration within the industry, IDAK serves as a platform for interior designers, architects, decorators, suppliers, and industry enthusiasts to connect, learn, and thrive.


The IDAK Digital and Online Membership Directory is a platform that acknowledges and highlights the work of interior design professionals. By being listed in this directory, interior designers gain visibility and recognition within the industry. It serves as a valuable resource for clients who are seeking professional interior design services, as they can easily find and connect with IDAK members.


IDAK collaborates with partners to organize educational tours exclusively for its members and their guests. These tours offer opportunities to visit various design-related locations, such as architectural landmarks, furniture showrooms, or innovative projects. Through these educational tours, members can gain insights into new design trends, materials, techniques, and technologies. It also facilitates networking and knowledge sharing among interior designers.


IDAK is actively working to champion legislation that aims to regulate the practice of interior design in Kenya. By advocating for regulation, IDAK aims to establish standards, guidelines, and qualifications for practicing interior designers. This can help ensure that professionals in the field meet certain criteria and adhere to ethical standards, which can in turn enhance the credibility and professionalism of the interior design industry in Kenya. Legislative efforts may include engaging with policymakers, conducting research, and raising awareness about the importance of regulation.


IDAK Officials

IDAK Officials: Driving Advancement in Interior Design

The Interior Design Association of Kenya (IDAK) is led by a dedicated team of officials who are passionate about advancing the field of interior design in Kenya. Committed to promoting excellence, fostering collaboration, and driving positive change, these officials play a crucial role in guiding IDAK towards achieving its mission and vision.

George Washington


Cecilia Mbati-Magenyi

Vice President

Jacinta Serem

Organizing Secretary

Wambui Muragu

Industry Liaison