Benefits of being a Member

We collaborate with various industry stakeholders to promote the value of interior design, by preparing our members to excel in the dynamic and evolving profession through career development and mentorship programs. Click here to  learn more of the benefits.

Advance Your Career

Be considered for scholarships and grants to enhance career advancement.

Access to employment/internship

Have access to educational programs, Design workshops, seminars and be Eligible for Portfolio Review, employment/internship opportunities.

Be in the know

Access to the latest products, the newest trends and design information from our blogs that helps maintain member competitive edge.

How to become a Member

These are the steps to becoming a fully registered member of IDAK.


Register Online

Create an account online and enter your personal details. You will receive an activation email with payment details.


Pay Registration Fees

Pay the registration fee for your specific member category. This will enable our administrator to activate your account.


Fill Profile

Once activated, you will be able to fill in your profile information and access latest resources and links in your dashboard.


Get Membership Certificate

We will then process your membership certificate and inform you once its ready for collection.

Member Requirements

In order to be granted IDAK membership, applicants must meet the minimum requirements of qualification as established by the regulations thereof.  Membership falls in four categories namely:

All Membership validity runs from September 1st to 30th August subsequent year, with membership dues established on an annual basis.

Our Membership Categories

The following are our member categories. Each category has different subscription fees required as below tabulated.

Student Member
KSH 500

per year

  • Registration Fee (one time)

  • Registration Certificate

  • Event Invites

  • Scholarship Opportunities

Professional Membership
KSH 2000

per year

  • Registration Fee (one time)

  • Registration Certificate

  • Event Invites

  • Career Opportunities

Firm Membership
KSH 2000

per year

  • Brand Recognition

  • Registration Certificate

  • Event Invites

  • Get Business Resources

Partner Membership

Conditions To be Agreed

  • Brand Recognition

  • Representation in IDAK Committee

  • Event Invites

  • Space for exhibition